Luxury Vehicles

Luxury Vehicles. If you own a luxury vehicle and it is looking a little less than glamorous, let the experts at Interior Magic restore your interior to the highest quality. Interior Magic, “It’s like plastic surgery for you car!”

Are you afraid to just let just anyone work on your luxury vehicle? At Atlanta Dent, Interior Magic and Atlanta Auto Color, you can trust us to bring your Luxury Vehicle back to top condition using highly trained technicians that perform top work on every vehicle they touch. We offer paintless dent removal, interior restoration, and paint repair services on all makes and models. Let us make your car look and feel new again.

Luxury Vehicles

Go for The Gold!

Go for the Gold! Wouldn’t you like everyone you deal with to strive to be the best? We think we do that every day. When you use Interior Magic and it’s sister companies, Atlanta Dent Company and Atlanta Auto Color – our companies reach for the Gold to give you great service and quality work. Whether it’s dents, interior repairs, or paint touch up – we have you covered. We only use highly trained technicians to work on your vehicles. Contact us for a Free Estimate and let our work shine! We make your car look and feel new again!

Go for the Gold

It’s a POKE, not a Pokemon

It’s a POKE, not a Pokemon. When you accidentally find a poke in your leather, vinyl, or velour, our trained technicians can repair it. This can happen when you carry things in your car, such as sharp objects, pets, boxes, etc. causing not only a hole, but maybe even a rip or tear in your seat. Don’t stress out, Interior Magic can fix it as if it were never there! Interior Magic, “It’s like plastic surgery for your car!”

Contact us for a Free Estimate or visit us at 993 Mansell Road in Roswell, GA.

It's a POKE, not a Pokemon

Wrinkles Be Gone!

Wrinkles Be Gone! Do you have a vehicle with leather interior? Has the leather wrinkled over time? Our technicians at Interior Magic can erase those wrinkles, helping your vehicle look like it did when you purchased it. We take pride in being able to take years off vehicles. Our technicians are insured and highly trained for an extensive amount of time before being put out into the field. We want only the best working on your vehicle so that we can stand behind our work.


Interior Magic leather repair, Wrinkles Be Gone

Contact us for a Free Estimate and drop your car off today at 993 Mansell Road, Suite B, in Roswell, GA.

Let our three companies work as one for dent removal by Atlanta Dent Company, interior services by Interior Magic, and paint touch up by Atlanta Auto Color.  We make your car look and feel new again!

Smells Be Gone!

Smells Be Gone! The heat this summer may cause the stink and odors in your car to rise and be more prevalent. How can you get rid of them? Interior Magic has the technology to get rid of any smell with a totally green product and at a reasonable price. You can beat the stink! Now, if only we could use it on teenage boys! Call us today for a free estimate so you can breathe easier and roll up your windows.  Use the power of 3 with Atlanta Dent Company, Atlanta Auto Color, and Interior Magic to make your car “look, feel, and smell like new again!”

Smells Be Gone!




Dent Removal

Dent Removal does not require you to be a wizard. To remove dents from your car, you just need a little magic from Atlanta Dent! Yes, many of our technicians at Interior Magic, can also perform PDR or paintless dent repair on your cars. This is a way to remove dents and dings without repainting your car saving you time and money! You know as the experts for interior services and now consider us for dent removal too! Interior Magic, “It’s like plastic surgery for your car!” Contact us for a Free Estimate and we work on all makes and models. Dent Removal

Our sister company in Atlanta, Atlanta Dent Company, has a retail shop at 993 Mansell Road Suite B in Roswell, Ga. They make your car look and feel like new again! Call us today!

The Magic of Interior Magic

The Magic of Interior Magic with our trained magicians, I mean technicians, are experts in the field and can transform your car. Here is one example of a center console repair by technician Chris Chapman. Amazing that we can take something old, worn and torn and turn back the hands of time, making it look like the day the car was purchased. We offer many interior and exterior services to make your car look and feel like new again! Our three companies of Atlanta Dent, Atlanta Auto Color and Interior Magic work together creating a one stop shop for car owners and dealerships. Let us professionally handle your leather repair, dent removal, paint touch up, and more. “It’s like plastic surgery for your car!” We work on all makes and models and offer Free Estimates. Call us today!

The Magic of Interior Magic

Employee of the Month

Congrats to May’s Employee of the Month, Shawn Dunn for Interior Magic Atlanta and Maurice Hudson from Magic Finish Columbus, our corporate detailing division.

Shawn Dunn broke 2 monthly records in consecutive months and has been looking for new accounts. He did an overall great job and deserves to be recognized. Here’s a list of services that Shawn and our trained and certified technicians excel in.

Maurice has been a great asset to the Columbus accounts, always helping when needed.

Thank you to these great employees!

Interior Magic of Atlanta Employee of the Month Shawn Dunn

Shawn Dunn

Atlanta Dent Magic Finish Employee of the Month Maurice Hudson

Maurice Hudson is to the right.

Dontaye Whittaker – Our April Employee of the Month

Dontaye Whittaker of our Columbus Magic Finish division - our April employee of the month.Congratulations to Dontaye Whittaker of our Columbus Magic Finish division – our April employee of the month.

Dontaye works tirelessly to make sure our brand is protected.  He manages multiple car lots with detail services and deals with many managers. Dontaye is working daily to grow our  footprint in interior repair services with our Opelika dealerships.

Magic Finish is a service we offer to our corporate accounts where we maximize their detail department with our efficient systems. Contact us for more information.

Honoring Our Veterans and Active Military

In honor of  our upcoming National Holidays: Memorial Day & July Fourth; Interior Magic and its sister companies would like to honor our veterans and current active military with a 10% discount until 8/1/2016.  We also appreciate our first responders who serve the community and keep us safe! If you show Interior Magic - 10% Discount for Veteransyour military or proper work ID/badge, we will honor the 10% discount for you too.  This offer can’t be combined with any other coupons, hail work is excluded and is valid for work done in our retail shop at 993 Mansell Road in Roswell, GA 30076 and with our technicians in Mobile, AL; Ft. Walton, Pensacola, Panama City, Tallahassee and South Florida; and in Columbus, GA too!

If you need paintless dent repair for dents and dings or your interior restored to look like new, we offer free and fast estimates. “It’s like plastic surgery for your car!”

Interior Magic - We Hire VeteransWe appreciate your support and love of our country!  Atlanta Dent Company, Atlanta Auto Color and Interior Magic employ wounded warriors and veterans. If you are considering a new career, we would love to talk to you. You can reach us at more information  about our paid training program and start of a new career.

Here’s the story of two of veteran employees. Thank you for your service and we hope to restore your car beyond your expectations.